Why canvass? The importance of Canvassing

This is the first of a series of short articles and videos for UKIP campaigners. In this video I deal with canvassing.

Well, we all know about delivering leaflets to get the message across, but why canvass? Not just in elections, when people are more likely to be expecting it, but in peacetime? Why knock on doors?

Nothing beats eyeball-to-eyeball contact as a campaigning method.

It is the most effective way to identify potential supporters.

And, if you ask for help, some supporters can be converted into deliverers, and/or poster sites and/or members.

Canvassing is an excellent PR opportunity. People will remember that UKIP called to ask their views, some will mention it to others, and it gives a strong subliminal message that UKIP are serious contenders locally.

We can enhance the visit with the ‘What We Stand For’ leaflet or other policy document. This helps to not just deal with specific policy enquiries, but is also of general interest to undecided voters, those who do not vote because the main establishment parties are, as we know, all the same – as well as those that are ‘out’ when we call.

For maximum effect it is best to go out in a team, in a ‘leapfrog’ style, but with just one-to-one on each doorstep.

Finally, do not get despondent if you have a bad evening. Remember, you have to go through the ‘Noes’ to get to the ‘Yeses’. And you are part of a team. When you get together with your colleagues after, you will find that some did better than others. But another week it will be the other way around. It is a numbers game. We have a job to do. We need to make sure that UKIP is built up locally into a much better force than it is now, so we are able to fight a winning campaign.

Every parliamentary constituency is massive, whether a compact city centre or a vast spread out rural area. They all have around 40,000 houses and residences.

That is a huge number of doors to knock on, and with all the will in the world, you are not going to knock on 10,000 doors a week in a 4 week election on top getting similar numbers of leaflets out and all the other elements of the campaign. Hence the urgency to get going now and build up your pool of helpers.

We need to identify supporters and convert some of these into helpers.

In the next article and video, which I will call ‘How to Canvass in Peacetime’, I will cover a suggested ‘script’ of what to say on the doorstep.

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