There is a Choice!

We are now in the period of the ‘long campaign’ for elections to the European Parliament on May 22nd. The enthusiasm and dedication of our supporters will be critical in delivering our best ever election result, providing our springboard for the General Election in 2015.

The Lib Dems look likely to lose many seats, possibly even a wipe-out. Many of their activists have been demotivated by their record in Coalition Government. Around here for over 20 years they have been pushing out leaflets with graphs saying the only way to defeat the Tories is by voting Lib Dem, and yet they have proved to be the biggest Tory stooges around. As if that was not bad enough for them, more of the electorate are realising that a vote for them is a vote for more EU, and their referendum promises were just more of the same dishonest lies as peddled by ‘cast-iron-guarantee Dave’.

Labour always do hopelessly locally, but the message is clear: be it ‘New’ Labour, the Lib Dems or the ‘Modern’ Conservatives, it is more of the same – they are all pro EU to the point of nauseating infatuation, and on core issues they offer the electorate no real choice – three bland Social Democratic parties, with just the odd policy tweak and a load of meaningless rhetorical argument to differentiate them.

This is not that surprising, as all three have signed up to the European Union project (current direct cost to the UK taxpayer £53 million a day, plus regulation costs, lost jobs, green subsidies and other waste). Estimates currently seem to indicate around 75% of our laws come from Brussels, but there is so much of it no-one knows the exact percentage! EU regulations are binding legislative acts, and must be applied in its entirety across the EU, so by-pass Westminster altogether. EU directives are legislative acts that set out goals that all EU countries must achieve, and it is simply the role of our “Government” to rubber stamp, or more-often gold-plate them. But the people who make our laws, the EU Commissioners are unelected.

The reaction we are finding on the doorstep is that people are well and truly fed up with all three establishment parties. We need to show there is an alternative. Over the next weeks and months there will be doors to knock on, newspapers and leaflets to be delivered. Posters will also be an important motivational tool, so we need to target canvassing on main roads. Once people see these popping up in their neighbourhood, they will realise that they are not the only ones thinking of voting UKIP, and that we are active locally. They equally have a demotivational impact on those who usually support one of the others, especially so, as many are already fed up.

We have the possibility of May 22nd being the best-ever result in UKIP’s history, making us impossible to ignore. Increasing numbers of UKIP victories in local elections show we are winning first-past-the-post elections. From May we can build from that momentum and go for the jugular in the General Election to win our first seats at Westminster.

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