General Election 2015 Countdown

Following the excellent results on May 22nd, it is important we keep up the momentum to build up our team ready for the General Election 2015 which is just under 45 weeks away.

Our small team in North Dorset (mostly around Shaftesbury) have continued every Thursday knocking on doors to identify supporters and ask them to help.  It is clear now that rather than people being simply ‘likely’ to support us, we are now at the stage where more than a third of those who actually voted cast their vote for UKIP.  Just by talking to people, we have been finding an even better response than before the European Parliamentary elections.  We have been picking up new deliverers and poster sites – it is an excellent time for us to get out there! Support is there for the asking, but we need more members to step forward to find them.

The more helpers we have, the bigger area we will cover, and the more supporters and potential helpers we will find. We need more manpower to be in a position to win, all we need is you to help us to ask, or assist the team. Over the summer months we will be tackling some of the main villages around our vast rural area to take advantage of the lighter nights – please contact me for updates.

We particularly need volunteers to put themselves forward to stand as UKIP candidates for the local elections to be held on the same day as the General Election.  Please contact me (if you are not in North Dorset so I can pass on the offer of your services to your local Branch). Across the country over 200 councils with thousands of seats will be up for election.  Here in Dorset all eight district/borough councils will have elections – 257 major council seats will be fought by at least 1,000 candidates.

It is essential we therefore have candidates for every seat.  You can guarantee that most of our opponents will do, and we must not forget that their old party machines will grind into action with the prospect of many local council seats to loose, combined with the General Election.  As we are likely to be the main challengers we cannot afford to give them a free pass in any seat, no matter how strong they are in that area.  If we do, their activists in their best wards will be freed to work the neighbouring wards where our best candidates are fighting to win. There are no ‘no-go’ areas for UKIP, we have support everywhere, and it is our job to provide the opportunity for them to vote UKIP.

Our local candidates will also provide a local focus for our campaign in every nook and cranny of each of the eight parliamentary seats in Dorset.  All of our eight Parliamentary Candidates will be in the position of the main challenger to the incumbent and if we work together we can get our first batch of UKIP representatives into Westminster.

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