David Cameron’s pledge to cap net immigration down to “tens of thousands” rather than “hundreds of thousands” to ensure public services did not become overwhelmed was, from day one, doomed to total failure.  Under his watch, the number of people migrating into the UK has been running at around 500,000 a year.

In reality, it is a hollow pledge as the British Government has no control whilst it remains a member of the European Union (EU.)  The EU require Britain to open its borders to all citizens of the EU and, on 1st January 2014, this extends further to the citizens of Romania and Bulgaria.

We must end open door immigration from the EU and this can only be achieved by leaving the EU.  Similar to Canada, New Zealand and Australia, we should run a firm, but fair points based system to admit manageable numbers of people who have something to offer our country.

Find out more about our Policies for People HERE.

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