The rise of UKIP in the last two years has been impressive, to say the least.  Hundreds of council seats gained. For the first time in over 100 years both the Conservative and Labour parties were defeated in a national poll, and it took UKIP to achieve this. In spite of having no MPs our campaign themes of ‘out of the EU’ and taking control of EU ‘open border’ mass immigration literally dominated the policy agenda both with the media as well as our Lib/Lab/Con opponents. Just think what we will do once we have actual UKIP MPs.

And UKIP membership has doubled. But our phenomenal electoral success has in many respects roared ahead of what would in any other circumstances have been an astounding increase in membership. The membership increase has, in many cases, been in spite of our effort to recruit. People have come forward either by telephone or online and joined. This has been fantastic, but we also need to run a proactive recruitment campaign to invite potential members to join, so we sign up even more members because of our efforts to.

Those best placed to identify potential new members are those who have already committed to membership themselves.

Friends and family, colleagues and other acquaintances, people you know who are parish councillors, community leaders and activists and the ‘movers and shakers’ in your local communities. Many you may know from comments and conversations that are or might just be UKIP supporters. More and more people have come to know, or are beginning to realise, that the Lib/Lab/Con are basically all the same and, in the end, will do nothing to get our country back.

So this time, we are not asking you to dig deeper into your pockets, or to pound the streets (but anyone who wishes to would always be welcome, here in North Dorset – a team will be going out every Thursday throughout the Summer.) Please suggest to your branch Chairman people to invite. Please include name and full address with postcode if known. Also for each name whether we can say we are writing at your request (it helps with a more personalised approach), or whether you wish to keep yourself anonymous with any particular suggestions.

UKIP will face its biggest challenge in 2015: to gain their first crop of seats in the Westminster election next year. Membership and membership income are our lifeblood and our main source of help to get our message across locally. Unlike the other parties, we receive no funding from Russian oligarchs or trade unions. Getting the message across, and fighting elections all costs money. Just 1,000 new members would produce enough income to pay for an election address through every door of 20 marginal constituencies.

Please will you put on your thinking cap and think, who would be good for UKIP and send details to your local branch Chairman?  Member-Get-Member! Thank you.

Download a membership application form: Member Application North Dorset.

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