UKIP Candidate welcomes National Trust purchase of Hambledon Hill

Steve Unwin, the UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Dorset has welcomed the news today (6 August 2014) that the National Trust has bought Hambledon Hill, the prehistoric hill fort in the Blackmore Vale.

This is great news for the National Trust and the local community in the Blackmore Vale as it joins up with Hod Hill, which the National Trust already owns. Hambledon Hill, with Hod Hill forms one of the most beautiful places in the world.” He said.

Hambledon Hill by Marilyn Peddle

Image By Marilyn Peddle, North Dorset, England ( [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


The rise of UKIP in the last two years has been impressive, to say the least.  Hundreds of council seats gained. For the first time in over 100 years both the Conservative and Labour parties were defeated in a national poll, and it took UKIP to achieve this. In spite of having no MPs our campaign themes of ‘out of the EU’ and taking control of EU ‘open border’ mass immigration literally dominated the policy agenda both with the media as well as our Lib/Lab/Con opponents. Just think what we will do once we have actual UKIP MPs.

And UKIP membership has doubled. But our phenomenal electoral success has in many respects roared ahead of what would in any other circumstances have been an astounding increase in membership. The membership increase has, in many cases, been in spite of our effort to recruit. People have come forward either by telephone or online and joined. This has been fantastic, but we also need to run a proactive recruitment campaign to invite potential members to join, so we sign up even more members because of our efforts to.

Those best placed to identify potential new members are those who have already committed to membership themselves.

Friends and family, colleagues and other acquaintances, people you know who are parish councillors, community leaders and activists and the ‘movers and shakers’ in your local communities. Many you may know from comments and conversations that are or might just be UKIP supporters. More and more people have come to know, or are beginning to realise, that the Lib/Lab/Con are basically all the same and, in the end, will do nothing to get our country back.

So this time, we are not asking you to dig deeper into your pockets, or to pound the streets (but anyone who wishes to would always be welcome, here in North Dorset – a team will be going out every Thursday throughout the Summer.) Please suggest to your branch Chairman people to invite. Please include name and full address with postcode if known. Also for each name whether we can say we are writing at your request (it helps with a more personalised approach), or whether you wish to keep yourself anonymous with any particular suggestions.

UKIP will face its biggest challenge in 2015: to gain their first crop of seats in the Westminster election next year. Membership and membership income are our lifeblood and our main source of help to get our message across locally. Unlike the other parties, we receive no funding from Russian oligarchs or trade unions. Getting the message across, and fighting elections all costs money. Just 1,000 new members would produce enough income to pay for an election address through every door of 20 marginal constituencies.

Please will you put on your thinking cap and think, who would be good for UKIP and send details to your local branch Chairman?  Member-Get-Member! Thank you.

Download a membership application form: Member Application North Dorset.

General Election 2015 Countdown

Following the excellent results on May 22nd, it is important we keep up the momentum to build up our team ready for the General Election 2015 which is just under 45 weeks away.

Our small team in North Dorset (mostly around Shaftesbury) have continued every Thursday knocking on doors to identify supporters and ask them to help.  It is clear now that rather than people being simply ‘likely’ to support us, we are now at the stage where more than a third of those who actually voted cast their vote for UKIP.  Just by talking to people, we have been finding an even better response than before the European Parliamentary elections.  We have been picking up new deliverers and poster sites – it is an excellent time for us to get out there! Support is there for the asking, but we need more members to step forward to find them.

The more helpers we have, the bigger area we will cover, and the more supporters and potential helpers we will find. We need more manpower to be in a position to win, all we need is you to help us to ask, or assist the team. Over the summer months we will be tackling some of the main villages around our vast rural area to take advantage of the lighter nights – please contact me for updates.

We particularly need volunteers to put themselves forward to stand as UKIP candidates for the local elections to be held on the same day as the General Election.  Please contact me (if you are not in North Dorset so I can pass on the offer of your services to your local Branch). Across the country over 200 councils with thousands of seats will be up for election.  Here in Dorset all eight district/borough councils will have elections – 257 major council seats will be fought by at least 1,000 candidates.

It is essential we therefore have candidates for every seat.  You can guarantee that most of our opponents will do, and we must not forget that their old party machines will grind into action with the prospect of many local council seats to loose, combined with the General Election.  As we are likely to be the main challengers we cannot afford to give them a free pass in any seat, no matter how strong they are in that area.  If we do, their activists in their best wards will be freed to work the neighbouring wards where our best candidates are fighting to win. There are no ‘no-go’ areas for UKIP, we have support everywhere, and it is our job to provide the opportunity for them to vote UKIP.

Our local candidates will also provide a local focus for our campaign in every nook and cranny of each of the eight parliamentary seats in Dorset.  All of our eight Parliamentary Candidates will be in the position of the main challenger to the incumbent and if we work together we can get our first batch of UKIP representatives into Westminster.

Thank You to the UKIP People’s Army

Thank you to the UKIP People’s Army for all the help that was put in to the European Parliamentary election campaign.  I had the distinct impression that the three main opposition parties had either given up, or as it turned out with the local Conservatives, they had taken the good people of North Dorset for granted, thinking this a ‘safe’ seat. Continue reading Thank You to the UKIP People’s Army

Election Ahead: The UKIP People’s Army is You!

We need help for the election that ends on May 22, and if the polls and predictions are to be believed, UKIP is set to make dramatic progress.

There is a possibility that, with a good push from our members and supporters, we could top the poll beating the three establishment parties, which would be a first in electoral history creating an earthquake in British politics. UKIP will be even more deeply imbedded on the political map with a General Election just under a year away.

With such huge ‘regional’ electorates, European Parliamentary elections seem more remote than ever, especially with the ‘alien’ form of Proportional Representation used, with voting for party lists, not candidates. Added to this the ‘established’ parties offer a non-choice between three bland pro-EU Social Democratic parties. This is bound to knock the inspiration out of even the many ‘tribal’ voters and provide UKIP with a great opportunity to offer voters an inspirational alternative – a real choice.

That is where you come in over the next three weeks. We need to get more literature out to get our message across. Locally, it is you that make up Nigel Farage’s UKIP ‘People’s Army’, and it is down to our local troops to physically deliver the message, either with literature delivery or joining our door-to-door canvassing teams. The more active we are, the more voters will get our message, the more supporters and helpers we will find.

For relatively low-turnout elections posters can also play a critical role. They send a subliminal message out that UKIP has growing support in the area, particularly as we get more posters up as polling day approaches. Just as important, it can seriously demoralise the opposition, especially when their local party machine is either lazy, or unhappy with their leadership (as with the local Tories), or already utterly disenchanted or resigned from their former party (as with much of the Lib Dems around here).

As well as window posters, we have large ‘estate agent’ type boards, and very effective larger 4ft x 4ft or even 8ft x 4ft signs that can be fixed to fences, stakes, or do as I do and screw it to the upper floor window-sill to great effect, see my house in the photo above!

Polling day. The traditional party system is that canvassing throughout the campaign has identified supporters. ‘Tellers’ sit at polling stations taking voters electoral roll numbers as they leave. This identifies who has voted, and any remaining supporter needs a visit to gently remind them to vote. Even without this full polling day operation, having the ‘Teller’ there with their UKIP rosette is a bit like having a human poster at the polling station. It repeats the message that UKIP are active serious contenders. It is known from various surveys that some voters make their mind up which way to vote on the day, even at the polling station. Therefore, even if you are not able to pound the streets or bang on doors, please consider obtaining a rosette from your branch and be at the polling station in the allocated place for ‘Tellers’, especially in a large busy polling station.

Support the UKIP People’s Army!

Jobs, Free Trade v Out of the EU???

On the eve of the Farage v Clegg In or Out of the EU debate on the BBC, it is predictable what the pro-EU Clegg will state as his big argument. Even though it has been firmly disproved, the three establishment political parties will continue to trot out the line that if we were not part of the European Union (EU), the UK would not be able to do any business and 3 million jobs would be lost.

There are 3 million jobs connected to our trade with the European Union, but that is because of our trade with the EU, and not because of our membership. More importantly, we buy from the EU much more than we sell, and the customer is king. The UK is now the worldwide number one export destination for goods from Germany. There is no prospect of a trade war with Germany. The likes of Audi, Mercedes, and Volkswagen would not allow the German Chancellor to enter such a war. Overall the UK is also the EU’s biggest customer, larger even than the United States. Many more EU jobs depend on UK custom. It is obviously in the interests of the EU to have a free trade agreement with the UK to keep their biggest customer. In any case, the Lisbon Treaty requires the EU to make a trade agreement with any nation that leaves the EU.

As members of the EU, we are members of a customs union that forbids us legally from entering our own free trade agreements with any part of the world. Britain would have greater global influence if we could negotiate our own trade deals. The EU is declining as a percentage of global trade every year, and the continental interests are clearly different to British interests.

This point is explicitly clear when it comes to free trade agreements with the Commonwealth or the rest of the English-speaking world – who have obvious close bonds with the UK. The EU has been useless in entering free trade agreements with Commonwealth countries. After 40 years the EU today has entered a free trade agreement with just one of the 53 other member states in the Commonwealth. Could there be a clearer example of the EU having totally different priorities and interests than Britain?

Compared with 0.5 billion in the EU, there are 2.2 billion people in the Commonwealth – 30% of the population of the world. They largely speak English, they share common business practices to Britain, have similar contract law, share a common history, have parliamentary democracies and rule of law based on the British system, individual liberty and free trade, have our Queen as the Head of the Commonwealth, and most important of all, are willing to do business with us.

Last March, Iceland, which has a population of 320,000, entered a free trade deal with China. In the world the UK is the 6th largest economy, the 8th largest manufacturer, the 5th largest trading nation, and our capital is the world’s largest financial centre. Britain and British business would be better off out of the costly, meddling EU.

UKIP Sets Up Shaftesbury Group

The UK Independence Party continues its growth by officially launching a new group in Shaftesbury as its membership numbers across the country continue to flourish.

The UKIP Shaftesbury & District Group, with its own chairman, officers and committee of 12 members from the town, will form part of the UKIP

Dorset North Branch and will meet on the first Wednesday of each month.

Matthew Brown, who was voted in unanimously as the group’s chairman, said:

Shaftesbury and the surrounding area has seen a surge of support for UKIP, as people continue to express dissatisfaction with the political status quo. Steve Unwin is part of the solution, and we are delighted to provide him with our full backing in his endeavours to be UKIP’s first Westminster MP.”

The UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate for Dorset North, Steve Unwin,  who has lived in Shaftesbury for twenty years said:

It has been a real eye opener as to how many people from the Shaftesbury area have come forward to help UKIP achieve change locally”.

Representative for William Dartmouth MEP, Guy Parfitt, said:

We are delighted that UKIP Dorset North is growing in size, and that PPC Steve Unwin has a new band of people committed to UKIP’s cause of independence and improving things at a local level. For people in the area, the UKIP Shaftesbury & District Group will endeavour to find out people’s concerns, so that Steve can do something about them, in the near future.”

To contact the UKIP Shaftesbury & District Group please E-Mail

There is a Choice!

We are now in the period of the ‘long campaign’ for elections to the European Parliament on May 22nd. The enthusiasm and dedication of our supporters will be critical in delivering our best ever election result, providing our springboard for the General Election in 2015.

The Lib Dems look likely to lose many seats, possibly even a wipe-out. Many of their activists have been demotivated by their record in Coalition Government. Around here for over 20 years they have been pushing out leaflets with graphs saying the only way to defeat the Tories is by voting Lib Dem, and yet they have proved to be the biggest Tory stooges around. As if that was not bad enough for them, more of the electorate are realising that a vote for them is a vote for more EU, and their referendum promises were just more of the same dishonest lies as peddled by ‘cast-iron-guarantee Dave’.

Labour always do hopelessly locally, but the message is clear: be it ‘New’ Labour, the Lib Dems or the ‘Modern’ Conservatives, it is more of the same – they are all pro EU to the point of nauseating infatuation, and on core issues they offer the electorate no real choice – three bland Social Democratic parties, with just the odd policy tweak and a load of meaningless rhetorical argument to differentiate them.

This is not that surprising, as all three have signed up to the European Union project (current direct cost to the UK taxpayer £53 million a day, plus regulation costs, lost jobs, green subsidies and other waste). Estimates currently seem to indicate around 75% of our laws come from Brussels, but there is so much of it no-one knows the exact percentage! EU regulations are binding legislative acts, and must be applied in its entirety across the EU, so by-pass Westminster altogether. EU directives are legislative acts that set out goals that all EU countries must achieve, and it is simply the role of our “Government” to rubber stamp, or more-often gold-plate them. But the people who make our laws, the EU Commissioners are unelected.

The reaction we are finding on the doorstep is that people are well and truly fed up with all three establishment parties. We need to show there is an alternative. Over the next weeks and months there will be doors to knock on, newspapers and leaflets to be delivered. Posters will also be an important motivational tool, so we need to target canvassing on main roads. Once people see these popping up in their neighbourhood, they will realise that they are not the only ones thinking of voting UKIP, and that we are active locally. They equally have a demotivational impact on those who usually support one of the others, especially so, as many are already fed up.

We have the possibility of May 22nd being the best-ever result in UKIP’s history, making us impossible to ignore. Increasing numbers of UKIP victories in local elections show we are winning first-past-the-post elections. From May we can build from that momentum and go for the jugular in the General Election to win our first seats at Westminster.

UKIP Supporter and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Dorset