Why I Am Standing As A UKIP Parliamentary Candidate

I was asked an interesting question the other day. As a self employed person, why do you spend so much time and energy on UKIP? Why put yourself up to the scrutiny of establishment hacks and all the rubbish put out by the media? UKIP are the only ones standing up to the EU, but why should you, Steve Unwin, risk being under the microscope when you could happily just concentrate on your business.

But it was famously said by Edmund Burke that “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” And in the same vein you could say that democracy suffers when good men do nothing – and how democracy in the UK has suffered.

It is irrefutable that our country is in a position where the legacy establishment parties – the Lib Dems, Labour and the Conservatives are basically all the same. Run by career politicians with no clear blue water – indeed not even a cigarette paper – between them. Three pro EU social democrat parties with just a load of hot air and rhetoric – but with no vestige of substance in them.

And as a result the reality is that voting in elections has made no real difference – up until UKIP burst onto the scene that is. People had become fed up with the LibLabCon. Including what I call ‘tribal’ voters, those who vote for the same party out of habit or class or family tradition just because, well, that is what they do. But where there is no real choice there can be no real difference. Consider the changes from Major to Blair and back from Brown to Cameron and Clegg. So what? What was the difference?

All the establishment parties are behind the EU project – whatever the rest of us want – and the EU machine ploughs on regardless.

UKIP provides a real choice. We have no intention of the UK becoming just another region of the European Union, a homogenised, pasteurised, standardised lump of Euro gunk. There is an alternative: an independent UK. Greater democracy, with the ability to shape our destiny and freer trade with the world. Only through UKIP will we get our country back.

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3 thoughts on “Why I Am Standing As A UKIP Parliamentary Candidate”

  1. Steve……fully agree. Not many at UKIP really wanted to become politicians……they joined and threw their hat into the political ring because they felt they had to. They felt none of the established parties represented how their beliefs in how our country should be managed. Missmansged is the operative word! UKIP represent the change that millions of Britains are now demanding.

    Here in. West Worthing, West Sussex, we are tonight celebrating a bi election success in Castle Ward. Last. Thursday Charles James Was returned as UKIP Borough Councillor for the above mentioned ward in Worthing. There was a 29% turnout & he won with a 37% majority. We were out in force leafletting & canvassing & the result represented a swingf: from losing in May by 49 votes, we were able to win this time by 85 votes. It’s really all about knocking on doors and canvassing the postal vote. The effort is worth it….as we found out in this by election and in the May elections.

    Good luck Steve……..you look like the kind to succeed.

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