UKIP Conference Doncaster Highlights

It was great news to see that the many years of service by John Baxter, our Editor and Dorset North Chairman, was recognised by a special award at the UKIP Conference in Doncaster.  John has lead Dorset North UKIP since 2005 – for most of the lifetime of the branch. In October that year, he launched our newsletter, providing updates on events and explaining the implications of some appalling legislation churned out by unelected bureaucrats of the EU over the years.  Next month will be the 100th issue of the Dorset North edition of this newsletter, each edition involving many hours of work.

A major headline from the Conference was of course the announcement of the defection to UKIP of Tory MP, Mark Reckless.  This will mean yet another key by-election, a tough challenge – so all hands will be needed to help in the campaign in Rochester and Strood. Today (30 September) there have been two more notable defections: Richard Barnes former Deputy Mayor to Boris Johnson, and William Cash Jr, (son of Bill Cash MP) have both joined UKIP.

At the conference the party spokesmen produced a raft of policy proposals on top of our key aim of leaving the EU.  Many of these will form part of our General Election manifesto, but this is quite rightly being held back until nearer the time.

Some key announcements include:

• Axe income tax for minimum wage workers by raising to £13,500 the amount people can earn before paying any income tax.

• Reducing disincentives for people to get off benefit.

• Cutting income tax from 40p to 35p for people earning up to £55,000.

UKIP will also scrap inheritance tax, cease all plans for the HS2 rail link, ensure the NHS remains free at the point of access, and cut the foreign aid budget by 85%.

UKIP will create a dedicated Veterans Department within the MoD and guarantee a job in the police force, prison service or border force, to veterans who have served for a minimum of twelve years.

UKIP will introduce an ethical immigration policy. Europeans should receive the same treatment as non-Europeans. UKIP will adopt the Australian points based system that matches skills to the industries that need them and that can permit integration and settlement without overcrowding.  Through this we will slash net migration almost 80% down to 50,000 people a year for employment.

UKIP stated Labour’s “one party state” in the North has to share the blame for Rotherham’s child abuse scandal.  The Labour party was guilty turning a blind eye to child abuse while young white girls were abused by Asian men in case it offended minority voters.  These type of cases have not been confined to Rotherham, there have been similar cases in Rochester, Telford, Derby and elsewhere.

We will bring the battle to the Labour heartlands, re-engage blue collar workers and end the previous concept of the “safe” seat – be it Labour or Conservative.

The central message here is that, if you vote UKIP you will get UKIP!

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