UKIP Fruitcakes, Loonies and Closet Racists

The media seem obsessed with drip-feeding stories about completely unknown UKIP members saying stupid things, or even totally misrepresenting what they said. The depths to which this has sunk is spectacular.

Nothing to do with UKIP policy or matters of substance. Any problem people who brought UKIP into disrepute were firmly dealt with and drummed out quickly, which is certainly more than the establishment parties do with their bad apples – think Peter Mandelson for example.

But where did this rot stem from? It goes back to David Cameron and his unforgivable slur that UKIP members were “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”.

This was repeated by former Tory Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine who said UKIP members were ‘racist’. This slur has been adopted by other members of the far-Left.

To use what is an extremely serious accusation so lightly – with no evidence, no substance, and no policy grounds is quite shocking. It demeans the nasty reality of racism, racial violence and hatred that is abhorrent to all fair thinking people. There is not an ounce of evidence that UKIP has racist policies or ever would have racist policies. Indeed it is quite the opposite.

Take immigration. The UK does not have an immigration system, it has two. One for the other 27 member states of the EU – the open-door ‘free movement’ policy, that has led to uncontrolled mass EU immigration. These countries have two things in common. They are all European and they are all populated by predominantly white peoples.

The other immigration system is for the Rest of the World. In practical terms for the UK, this means largely, but not wholly, the Commonwealth. And these countries are mostly populated by Asian and African peoples, generally a pool of mixed races. But because of David Cameron’s fake pledge of reducing net migration to tens of thousands, his inability to do anything about EU migrants means that UK rules have become harsher and harsher against the rest of the world.

In any other area – be it employment, who stays in a B&B, who dines in a restaurant, where people sit on a bus, anything – if you treated one pool of people that were predominantly white in an open way, and treated the other pool of people that were predominantly African, Asian and of mixed races very harshly, that would be regarded as racial discrimination. The current system is also designed to benefit the EU, not the UK.

UKIP wants to get rid of this nonsense. Get out of the EU, end the open door EU mass immigration – These are essential – and then introduce one immigration system that treats all potential immigrants, in exactly the same way, regardless of where they come from, their race, religion or creed. An immigration system that benefits the UK.

Whilst they treat Belgians differently to Bangladeshis, Romanians differently from Rwandans, or Poles differently to Pakistanis we will not take lectures on racism from Labour, the Tories the Lib Dems and all their misguided useful idiots.

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