UKIP and the NHS

Last week, David Cameron openly lied during Prime Minister’s Questions, whilst failing to answer a simple question put to him by UKIP MP Mark Reckless.  Cameron repeated – get this – the Labour Party lies about UKIP policy on the NHS.

David Cameron stated that it is UKIP policy to privatise the NHS.  It is not and Cameron knows it.

Labour have been stating that UKIP will charge you to see your GP.  The truth is that UKIP will never charge you to see your GP.

Labour state that UKIP will privatise the NHS.  Another lie.  UKIP is committed to a free at the point of need public NHS.

Labour states that UKIP wants even deeper cuts to the NHS.  The reality is that UKIP want to redirect more cash to frontline services.

The fact that both the Labour Party and David Cameron are prepared to openly lie about UKIP – even on matters where anyone can easily look up what our actual policies are shows how rattled they are.

Furthermore, it is Labour and the Tories (with Lib Dems in tow) who have been privatising hospitals with costly PFI (Private Finance Initiative) schemes.   Some £50bn was raised, but the terms of these deals were so favourable to private capital that it has left a repayment bill of some £300bn.

UKIP policies on the National Health Service were announced last year, and include:

– UKIP will ensure the NHS is free at the point of delivery and time of need for all UK residents.

– We will stop further use of PFI in the NHS and encourage local authorities to buy out their PFI contracts early where this is affordable.

– We will ensure that GPs’ surgeries are open at least one evening per week, where there is demand for it.

– UKIP opposes plans to charge patients for visiting their GP.

–We will ensure that visitors to the UK, and migrants until they have paid NI for five years, have NHS-approved private health insurance as a condition of entry to the UK, saving the NHS £2bn pa. UKIP will commit to spending £200m of the £2bn saving to end hospital car parking charges in England.

– We will replace Monitor and the Care Quality Commission with elected county health boards to be more responsive scrutineers of local health services. These will be able to inspect health services and take evidence from whistle-blowers.

– UKIP opposes the sale of NHS data to third parties.

– We will ensure foreign health service professionals coming to work in the NHS are properly qualified and can speak English to a standard acceptable to the profession.

– UKIP will amend working time rules to give trainee doctors, surgeons and medics the proper environment to train and practise.

– There will be a duty on all health service staff to report low standards of care.

Nigel Farage has since announced that UKIP have in addition pledged to increase spending on frontline clinical work in the NHS by £3bn per annum from the savings of scrapping our EU membership.

Find out more about our Policies for People HERE.

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